Automuseum Wolfsburg Photos

Highly recommended if you are a Volkswagen enthusiast! Amazing Wolfsberg VW Museum… Dieselstraße 35 38446 Wolfsburg Germany. Check out the website at Automuseum Wolfsburg Continue Reading →

Back to the Wolfsburg – Golf GTI by @wolfsgruppe

Fun Mk1 Golf Video here… Back to the Wolfsburg – Golf GTI by Loniek @wolfsgruppe, a short film inspired by 80’s, something a bit Back to the future meets weird science about it all, love it.

Watch the full vimeo video at Back to the Wolfsburg – Golf GTI

LHD 1979 MK1 Golf

Ste’s LHD 1979 MK1 Golf – A photoshoot Adam Kennedy did of Ste Blocksidge’s beautify 1979 MK1 Golf. “We picked the right day for it, the autumn colours really worked well with the car.” – Adam Kennedy

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VW Mk1 Golf by @JoshHoldsworth2

Really nicely shot video here of two Mk1 Golfs Josh Holdsworth saw at a vw meet he went to. Loving the Justice sound track also, seen them live a couple of times now, unbelieveable!

Watch the video  VW mk1 golf by @JoshHoldsworth2

Mk1 Golf with the Aluline Turbine Alloy Wheels

Finally got the Aluline Turbine Alloy Wheels on my Mk1 Golf, gave her a good clean and ready for a drive in the sun, hopefully not the last time this year…. Very happy with the wheels and with the correct offset the Mk1 steering now feels a lot tighter and doesn’t shake any more when going over 60 mph!

Paper Model Mk1 Golf

This is a pretty cool make it yourself paper model Mk1 Golf. The guys at IRP Papercraft have come up with these amazing print out, cut and stick models, I cant wait to give it a try! Here’s what i will be trying over the weekend… 1974 Mk1 Golf Model.

More can be found at Paper Model Mk1 Golfs.


Aluline Turbine Alloy Wheels

I have just bought myself these Aluline Turbine alloy wheels for my Golf Mk1 cabriolet, these are very deep dish wheels, I think they are deeper dish than ATS cups. Cant wait to see them on the Mk1.  Continue Reading →

Mk1 Golf Remote Control Car

My first post and what could be better than a remote control Mk1 Golf Car. It was an old toy of my brothers when we were young, and possibly where my love of these fantasic classic cars first started.