Aero Reflex BMX Frame 1985

Aero Reflex Old School BMX Build

Posted on September 25, 2012

One of my latest projects is a 1985 Aero Reflex old school BMX build. Trying to use mostly NOS for parts from ebay and certain dedicated websites. Im going try to blog about the old school bmx build as I go through. For the moment Ive got the Aero Reflex Frame and decals from 1985, Odyssey BMX Stem from 1985 and a Tange Headset. As a young lad in the 80’s I had a BMX Raleigh Mag Burner, if only I still had the frame. Maybe my next project…

An amazing resource for old school bmx is the, you can waste a lot of time on this site.

Updates and more pictures to follow…

Odyssey BMX Stem from 1985

Odyssey BMX Stem 1985

Aero Reflex BMX frame from 1985

Aero Reflex BMX Frame 1985


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